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Sconti per viaggi economici per studenti con Flyla

FLYLA - get up. take off. With this motto we want to give you the opportunity to live out your freedom as a student and to travel cheaply. In only four steps you have selected the flight, entered your data and booked the flight. The best thing is to visit your best buddy during your semester abroad. That's how it started for us.

We know the student life too well: once the semester has started, you are already thinking about which weekends, which Fridays and Mondays or even which weeks you don't have to be at the university. But who wants to plan this properly? Why not decide spontaneously to make a trip to Vienna the day after tomorrow to attend your best friend's birthday party? Why not run off to Barcelona on Tuesday evening to watch the lecture from one of the many roof terraces (we assume that you still had these resolutions at the beginning of the trip)? Why not make spontaneity come true with last minute airline tickets? Exactly, why not?


Most of the time, it's the spontaneous ideas or experiences that stay with us in the long term and shape us with experiences for life. You can repeat a retreat if you have doubts, but the party on the roof terrace in Rome with a group of wonderful people is unique. So unique that you might tell your children about it; so unique that you might prefer not to; so unique that your children might be the result of it ;).


It is important to us that your children can still have unique experiences. That's why we offset every flight booked through our platform with the help of our partner organizations 'Plant for the Planet' and 'Eden Reforestation Projects'. For every unforgettable trip you book through us, we plant at least one tree to offset the Co2 generated by the flight.


For every experience you gain, it is important to have friends and family to relive it. Of course, it may be that your next trip will lead you there, and that is just as important. Look for cohesion and tolerance in your circle and take it with you on your travels. No matter where it takes you, you will never be alone.


It is important to us that we are authentic with our offer to you. We are aware that there are offers in the travel market where you can fly from Berlin to Palma cheaper than you can even get to the airport by bus. We will not undercut many of these prices. We also do not think that this is a good idea. The more we want to have the right offer for you when you need it the most. At this moment we are also there for you if you have a question. You don't have to worry about having 4 different insurances when booking. We will try to offer you only what you really need for your trip. How about a bottle of tequila?


You may have noticed the clear and simple design. It is important to us that you find everything where you expect it. If this is not the case, write us (info@flyla.com). We want you to book your flight as if you were already buying the next supply pack at Amazon - a no-brainer.


But enough about us now. You also have something to tell? Then send us the best experience of your last trip to franziska@flyla.com. Franzi is waiting to hear more from you and will be happy to help you plan your next trip.