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Cheap Student Travel Discounts with Flyla

Making travel affordable and sustainable.

At Flyla, we are revolutionizing student flights. We believe in creating a win-win-win situation for airlines, students, and ourselves.

The Challenge

Currently, student flights are mostly seen as a marketing tactic by airlines, with minimal actual savings for students. The discounts offered are often insignificant compared to the overall ticket price. This approach doesn't benefit anyone.

Our Insight

We noticed that airlines frequently have a significant number of unfilled seats on flights. On average, one in five seats remains empty. We saw an opportunity to fill these seats by offering them to students at a substantial discount in the weeks leading up to departure.

Load Factor Optimization

While some may suggest lowering ticket prices across the board, airlines prioritize revenue rather than load factor. They prefer a 50% chance of generating €500 over a guaranteed €100, especially considering the fixed costs and taxes associated with each additional passenger. Consequently, ticket prices tend to increase as the departure date approaches.

Addressing Concerns

Airlines are hesitant to drastically reduce prices and potentially miss out on revenue. They rely on the small chance that a passenger will purchase a ticket at a much higher price just before departure. However, this strategy still leaves many seats unfilled. This is where Flyla steps in.

Our Solution

To avoid overlap between passengers willing to pay high prices and those purchasing leftover seats, we implement a clear barrier: valid student authentication. By ensuring that only eligible students can access these discounted seats, we create a fair and exclusive opportunity for students to travel affordably.