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A look behind the scenes - or: why Flyla now has a new logo.

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18. July 2024

Anja travelling
Aug 08, 2023 · 1 Min read

We are thrilled to announce that Flyla has recently been given a new look and feel. But why was a re-branding necessary in the first place?

A lot has happened since Flyla was founded in 2017: We got off to a promising start and were well on our way to turning the student travel market on its head. But then Corona came along and we had to take a forced break. Since mid-2022, we have been taking off with a new team and have been growing ever since. We have optimized our booking process, formed new partnerships and developed further overall. And our users, their wishes and requirements have also changed over the years.

And through all these changes, it was also time to tackle our pre-Corona design and initiate a re-branding.

Our new branding reflects the great company and product we've created. It's clean, contemporary and straightforward. As a result, it fits our clear, transparent booking process and our digital-savvy target audience.

We also spell our brand name differently now: FLYLA has become Flyla. Why? Because it's not an abbreviation, doesn't contain any hidden meaning nor has it anything to do with the beautiful city of Los Angeles 😉 Flyla is simply a name that fits us and our idea well!

We're proud that our brand is growing and changing with us - and are excited to see what the future holds for us.