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Easter Special at Flyla: Bring Your Crew on Board!

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20. July 2024

Crew on Board
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Mar 28, 2024 · 1 Min read

This Easter weekend, Flyla unveils a special magic for all those travel-hungry souls who have left their student days behind or never had that privileged ticket to adventure. It's time to pack your backpack, put on your sunglasses, and explore the world with your friends – at prices that were previously reserved for students only.

Your Advantage? As a student, you can now take your non-student friends along at the same irresistible conditions. Yes, you heard right: Up to 80% discount on your flight tickets. All it takes is a valid student ID from you as the main traveler. Your companions only need to be under 35 years of age – or for some airlines under 25 – to also benefit from these fabulous rates.

Attention, limited offer: This promotion is as unique as the places you'll discover and is therefore only valid until Easter Monday inclusive. Our seats are like Easter eggs – wonderful, but not infinite.

Important Details:

  • Main Traveler with Student ID: Only you need to prove your student status.
  • Age Limit for All Travelers: Your age must not exceed the magical limit of 35 years. For certain airlines, different age restrictions of 25 years apply. You'll find the specific conditions during the booking process.

Flyla makes it possible to create shared memories at affordable prices without losing the exclusive benefits for students. We firmly believe that travel broadens the horizon and creates priceless experiences – and we want to offer this opportunity to you, regardless of your student status.

Take this unique chance to crown your friendships with unforgettable adventures. Whether it's bustling metropolises, hidden paradises, or the classic dream destinations – with Flyla, you'll reach them at a bargain price.

Let's take off together – your next big trip awaits!