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FLYLA - Flights at student prices: The Step-by-Step Guide

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13. June 2024

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Oct 31, 2022 · 3 Min read

In few phases of your life do you have as much time to travel as during your studies. Semester breaks, online courses, a gap year between Bachelor and Master. So much time. But also so little money. With the income from internships, scholarships, part-time jobs and student grants, you can't travel the world. The thing is: once you're there, for example in Asia or Latin America, everyday life is often a lot cheaper than in Germany. The problem is the arrival and departure. The flights usually cost the most, when traveling itself would actually be affordable.

This is where FYLA comes in. Because FLYLA offers flights at student prices. To get these super cheap flight tickets and offers, you only have to fulfill two conditions: You have to be a registered student, be able to prove it and register on FLYLA.com. You are ready to fly and you can save up to 70% on your tickets. It's worth registering. 

Last minute bookings are especially cheap - if you spontaneously want to visit your friend during your semester abroad, or if you suddenly feel like a city trip or a little adventure in another country. In short: You bring the (spontaneous) desire to travel, we at FLYLA deliver the affordable airfares. It's a match! 

& that’s how it works - step by step 

FLYLA negotiates remaining seats at exclusive deals with the airlines Lufthansa and Eurowings. In order to get these remaining seats, we have a step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1: Register at Flyla.com

Visit Flyla.com, click the "Register" button in the upper right corner, fill in your details. Within a few seconds you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 2: Student verification 

In the confirmation email you will find some fields and buttons. The most important button: "Student verification". Here you can verify that you are a registered student and that you are eligible to receive student discount tickets through Flyla. Click on the aforementioned button and an input field will open, allowing you to upload your enrollment confirmation. To do so, click on "Select file", choose your document and don't forget to click on "Upload" at the end. 

Step 3: Verification E-Mail

As soon as we have verified your enrollment confirmation, we will send you an email. From now on, nothing stands in the way of your budget-friendly trips and travels.

Step 4: Look for flights and cheap tickets 

You're ready to go: log on to flyla.com anytime, type in your destination and travel dates in the search box and see which deal is perfect for you. Select the flight you want, type in your dates, choose the baggage option that suits you best and book the flight. Traveling can be so easy and cheap.

How we make it green 

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FLYLA combines low fares with climate awareness - a rare combination in the travel industry. How do we manage this? We guarantee greener(er) flying because we negotiate the remaining seats on flights with airlines at discounted prices. That means the plane would take off anyway - even without the students grabbing the remaining seats at discounted prices. But that's not all: FLYLA is super concerned about climate neutrality. Behind the company are young people, active or former students, who like to travel and want to combine this passion with their environmental awareness. FLYLA therefore plants at least one tree for every flight ticket and offsets all CO2 emissions. The proceeds are then in turn used to fund projects around the world that are all about combating climate change.

Click here to learn more about FLYLA and the environment.