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18. May 2024

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Mar 23, 2023 · 1 Min read

We present to you: Our cooperation with Koala. Tailored Travel Insurance Just for You!

Planning your next adventure? Make sure to pack the right travel companion: Koala's tailor-made travel insurance! In this Blog Post, we'll explore what a Travel Insurance is and why it often comes in handy!

🐨 Koala: Travel Insurance Reinvented 🐨 - Why is it different?

With Koala you don't have to read tons of terms and conditions: What you see is what you get - there are no loopholes!
Finally, there are user-centric policies that you can benefit from. Koala offers personalized, affordable, and comprehensive coverage that caters to the unique needs of modern travelers who don't want to spend their time in call centers but at their travel destinations.

🐨 Koala's offers (Live & available soon)

Our partnership with Koala makes 3 different versions of insurance packages available:

Firstly, there is the option for "Cancellation without reason" with which you can cancel your flight with just a few clicks up to 48h before takeoff and get a refund of 80%!

Coming soon: "Flight cancellations and delays" and "Full protection"

Secondly, there is the option for "Flight cancellation and delays"
This allows you to receive compensation for every flight that is delayed for more than 3 hours or canceled while not rescheduled. In case something happens, you immediately receive 200€

Thirdly, we have the option to combine both of the insurances called "Full protection". You receive all the features from the individual insurances mentioned above.
This means: You receive a refund of 80% in case you cancel your flight while having no reason or proof to provide as well as 200€ directly on your account in case of a flight annulation.
This would always be our choice!

How can you enjoy these benefits?

Tick the box that suits you the most at the end of the booking process! It's that easy ;)
It looks just like this:

Keep in Mind: The insurance's prices depend on the flight's prices; "Flight cancellations and delays" & "Full protection" will become available soon