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23. February 2024

Jan 24, 2023 · 1 Min read

You can now book flights with Turkish Airlines! Special student deals available at Just pay attention to the following tag when booking:

If you find this tag above the selected flight, and you are a verified student on, you automatically benefit from the special conditions of the Turkish student fares.

As a student, you save money with Turkish Airlines, because every student deal brings a big discount on the normal price. Below, you will find a price example which compares the normal price to the Flyla student price.

Price on for a flight MUC -> Bangkok for one week from April 13th, 2023: 1285€ (as of January 30, 2023)

The same flight with normal fare on 1376€ (as of January 30, 2023)

As you can see, you can save quite a bit of money as a student with Turkish Airlines. Besides visiting Turkey, you can also reach many destinations in the eastern hemisphere out of Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. For example, Singapore, Tokio and Bangkok.

About Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airline`s core business is based on an international route network and the country's unique geographical location, which makes Turkey the perfect hub between Europe and the Middle East and the pacific region.