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Flyla Tips 1: What to bring aboard the plane

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13. June 2024

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Mar 22, 2023 · 1 Min read

Some people love them while others don't - flights can be exciting, relaxing or just a means of getting somewhere. Today we want to show you 5 tricks to make your next flight more comfy.

1. Noise-cancelling Headphones
This one might be an obvious one to some but it is one of the best things we can think of when it comes to making a flight as comfy as possible. No matter if it's the crying baby, the coughing grandma or just the usual plane noise that have you on edge. Just put on your headphones and you'll be in your own space able to relax and even sleep in peace.

2. Wear layers
Another pretty simple trick but really necessary if you want to be as comfy as possible. Wear several layers of clothes. The first advantage is you can adapt to any temperature inside the plane and the second one is that if you took of a layer, lets say a jacket, you can use that jacket as a pillow if you didn't bring one.

3. Bring your own food and drinks
As you and I both know the service, especially on inner European flights gets worse and worse. But even before when there was food on most flights it was not something to look forward to taste-wise. That's why we would recommend bringing your own food on your next flight and making your seat neighbor jealous.
Pro Tip: Bring an empty bottle through security. Afterwards, you can fill it up