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Flyla Tips 2: How to pack your luggage

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18. July 2024

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Mar 27, 2023 · 1 Min read

We at Flyla want you to make the best of your space and weight limits. That's why we collected a list of the 5 best packing tips. We hope they will help you!

1. Roll, don't fold!
This is probably one of the more known tips but it is so essential we didn't want to leave it out in our list. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them will save you lots of space. You can combine this technique either with vacuum bags or so called packing cubes

2. Vacuum Bags for clothing
This might sound like something only the very organized would do but when it comes to traveling and saving on space this is our #1 tip for everybody. There's a broad variety of bags with or without airpumps (to build the vacuum) but all of them will shrink your clothes down to a minimum without crumbling them!

3. Choose the right bag
This might be clear to some but it will change things totally for others: before you pack, you should be sure to have the right bag for the trip. First of all this depends on the kind of travel you're planning to do (backpack vs. "normal" luggage). But even more important in some cases is the weight of the bag itself! If you've never looked into it you'd be surprised at how big the differences in weight can be.

4. Wear your heavy shoes
Have you ever seen these people wearing their hiking boots in the plane?
Well! They might be onto something! Wearing your heaviest pair of shoes will save you weight in your checked luggage, freeing it up to whatever else you need to take with you.

5. Have an emergency luggage
This tip has nothing to do with weight limits but we wanted to mention it anyways. Always have the things you really need for the first two days after arrival in your carry-on! This will come in handy especially on flights with a layover where luggage gets temporarily lost more often than you might think.