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How does the Flyla.com Deal Finder work?

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Sign up with Flyla

Just tell us your hometown and email address and we will send you cheap travel deals for students.

Deals for Students

Deals for Students

We negotiate with airlines, hotels, and railroad companies so that you as a student get the cheapest deals.

Travel and save up to 70%

Travel and save up to 70%

More than 20,000 students already trust us. Don't miss another student deal and travel at lower prices.

Customer Experiences

Flight and hotel

Edinburgh was a perfect, spontaneous city break. We booked just three days in advance and saved 50% on the public price.


Law, University of Heidelberg

Train and hotel

I am from Düsseldorf and went to Vienna for my studies. Thanks to Flyla, I spontaneously surprised my mother for the weekend. Not imaginable without discount.


Medicine, University of Vienna

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive spam emails now?

There are too many bad newsletters that just waste your time. We expect that you will enjoy our newsletter and get only the most important info. If we can't keep this promise, of course we will be happy if you write us. We always appreciate your feedback. Finally, you can of course unsubscribe at any time.

How is the newsletter structured?

It is important to us that we inspire you with our newsletter and that you have fun with it. Therefore, we send you deals and content tailored to your preferences. So you can easily and quickly navigate through the email and get only the most important info.

What kind of offers do I get at Flyla.com?

Currently we offer you student deals for flights and hotels. We are already including train, hotels, and other travel offers. In our newsletter you will always be the first to know about our top deals. You are missing something? Then just write to us, we are always happy to receive your feedback.

How does Flyla.com manage to offer cheap travel deals for students?

It is important to us at Flyla.com that we work directly with the airlines, hotels, and other travel providers for you. For this we regularly negotiate deals on unsold tickets and exclusive deals. In doing so, students save up to 70% with us.

What does Flyla.com do to promote environmentally conscious travel?

We realize that it would be best to emit no CO2 at all. However, we are proud to be the first provider to offer 100% climate neutral flights and travel without any additional effort. You can find more info about our environmental initiative on our blog.

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