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Los Angeles: The ideal starting point for your world trip

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17. May 2024

A car is driving down a street in L.A.
Oct 31, 2022 · 4 Min read

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But let's get specific: You want to travel the world. We've got the coolest place to start, and we've got great deals on airfare to get there. Our suggestion: L.A. as the first stop on your Tour de Monde. First explore the coolest US-state, California, and then travel on to Latin America. After all, domestic flights are super cheap. 

And while you're in L.A., here are our tips for the City of Angels. These are the places you need to see.

1. Santa Monica Beach & Venice Beach 

People walking at Santa Monica beach at sunset
| Pexels

Wide sandy beaches, cool restaurants and bars, street musicians and vintage shopping. The two world-famous beach towns of Santa Monica and Venice are as much a part of an L.A. visit as fries are a part of a burger. Spend your day at the beach and stroll through the many quirky shops. You can also take surfing lessons. There are several surf schools and the waves are a dream.

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame 

Admittedly: The Walk of Fame, the street paved with stars, is worth a visit just for the big names of the movie business that adorn the asphalt. But after seeing the star of your favorite actor and stretching your legs a bit, you can actually get going again. Because apart from overpriced souvenir stores and restaurants, the area around the Walk Of Fame has nothing to offer.

3. Shop and watch people at Rodeo Drive 

Luxury store follows luxury store, designer boutique follows designer boutique. If you want to dig deep into your pockets when shopping, this is the place to be. And while the super rich buy the most expensive bags and clothes, normal people can enjoy the sight of millionaires: flashy luxury cars, small dogs on leashes, mirrored sunglasses and a lot of Botox. Who needs Netflix when you can "people watch" on Rodeo Drive?

4. Eat the best Burgers at In'N'Out 

The. Best. Burgers. Of. the. World. I. promise! Word of honor! Only the burgers from the U.S. fast-food chain In'n'Out are this juicy and this fresh and this delicious and this tempting. Don't leave the USA without having been there.

5. Watch a Dodgers game

The Dodgers stadium in L.A.
| Pexels

One thing the Yanks are good at: big sporting events. Lively atmosphere, cold beer, tasty hot dogs, entertaining intermission program. See for yourself and watch a baseball game at the world-famous Dodgers Stadium. Don't know the rules of the game? No problem! The atmosphere and social program are at least as cool as the game itself.

6. Enjoy the best view at the Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory from above
| Pexels

Griffith Observatory is featured in many movies like La La Land, The Yes Man or Terminator. But it's not just film crews who flock to the white domed building and surrounding park. Visitors to the city also love the Griffith Observatory. The reason: the view. Nowhere else is the view of the city as beautiful and wide as there. The panorama offers you an unobstructed view of downtown L.A., Santa Monica Bay and the vast Pacific Ocean.

7. Discover Hogwarts at Universal Studios 

A dragon is spitting fire in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios in L.A.
| Pexels

Universal Studios has the reputation of only being interesting for kids. We clearly deny that. We speak from experience when we say: Universal Studios is something for everyone. The amusement park offers you a look behind the scenes of great blockbusters like Spider Man, E.T. or Jurassic Park. 

For all Potterheads, there's an extra treat, because in 2016, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened on the grounds of Universal Studios. You can explore Hogwarts, drink butterbeer, visit the Three Broomsticks Pub, venture onto the Flight of Hippogriff roller coaster and much much more.

8. Hiking in L.A.? YES!

It's very understandable if you don't immediately think of mountains and hiking boots when you plan your L.A. visit. However, we highly recommend packing some workout gear in your suitcase. Because sports are an essential part of the authentic L.A. lifestyle. And best of all, the sweat is rewarded, because the trails and mini-summits around L.A. offer the very best views. Put on your sneakers, throw on your workout outfit, grab a water bottle, don't forget the sunscreen and let's go. Here you'll find the best trails and hikes in L.A. And if nature isn't enough for you, we recommend Runyon Canyon, the perfect place to hike and spot celebs. Superstars like Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman or Niall Horan jog and walk here.

9. Check out the rest of California

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
| Pexels

If you're already starting your world trip in L.A. and then plan to continue on to Latin America, it's worth exploring the rest of California, too. Our must-sees: 

- San Francisco

- Pacific Coast Highway 

- Yosemite National Park 

- Joshua Tree National Park

- Big Sur

- Napa Valley 

- San Diego