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19. July 2024

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Jun 28, 2023 · 3 Min read

We have exciting news for you! Flyla and Studo have entered into an exciting collaboration! In addition to planning your semester, obtaining your course materials, or researching what's available in the cafeteria today, you can now also find your student travels with Flyla in Studo. For you, this means that study planning and travel, whether it's going on vacation with friends, studying abroad, or going home to your family, are coming closer together!

What is Studo?

Studo is an educational technology company present throughout Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. Since 2016, Studo has been offering an innovative organizational app for students, which is used daily by over 400,000 students, and nearly all universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are represented in the app.

Studo is an all-in-one solution for students, providing a platform that combines your entire study experience in a single app. With features such as a calendar, timetable, emails, chat, and much more, Studo ensures that you are always informed about everything you need for your studies.

The most popular features of Studo that help you with organizing your studies:

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📅 Calendar: In the calendar, you can view all your scheduled lectures and exams. The calendar is automatically populated, so you won't miss any appointments!

📰 Newsfeed: In the newsfeed, you can see information from your university and student representation, as well as exciting news related to your student life.

📧 Mail: With the mail client, you can read, compose, and send university emails directly in the app. Additionally, we notify you of important emails through push notifications.

🎓 Course Overview: In the courses category, you will find all your academic courses grouped by semesters. Furthermore, each course has a menu with details and dates.

💬 Chat: Engage in chat conversations with your fellow students about the city, university, program, and specific courses!

Additional useful features:

Studo offers many other useful features that make your studies easier. These include a wiki for your courses, a grade overview, cafeteria menus, and important links to university services. You have everything you need to organize and manage your studies in the best possible way.

Good to know:

If your university or student representation already cooperates with Studo, you will receive the Studo PRO version for free. With Studo PRO, you can enjoy all the premium features and benefit from even greater convenience and increased efficiency.

And what if you are enrolled at multiple universities?

Then Studo also helps you with organizing your studies! You can add and manage all your universities in the settings of the Studo app. This way, you always have an overview of your schedules, emails, and university systems. And Flyla will take you there! Especially if your universities are located far apart, you can check here right away to see if there are good student deals available for you.

How do you find Flyla on Studo:

Studo is your perfect study companion! We are excited that Flyla is now part of the Studo app, supporting you in your studies as well as your related travels and vacations. You can find Flyla in the Studo app both in the sidebar and in your personal feed. This makes it easier for you to access and seamlessly integrates it into your study routine.

The collaboration between Flyla and Studo is great news for all students. In addition to your student ID, the Studo app can become one of your most useful tools in your academic journey.

With ❤️ your Flyla Team!

You can download the app here.

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